Sworn Translation

Our sworn translators are competent and qualified to translate all your official documents into the language of your choice, i.e. birth certificates, school certificates, marriage certificates, etc.

Court Interpretation

Court interpretation is a highly specialized spectrum of interpretation; we have highly qualified Court interpreters who are conversant with the Court language.

Web Translation

Web translators cater for language needs of various markets around the globe, there is a dire need for web sites to be translated into preferred languages of clients; as a matter of fact, corporations have maximized profits due to having their websites translated into other languages. Therefore, companies need to have their web sites content translated into African indigenous languages as well, to cater for markets who are not proficient in European languages.

Proof Reading

We do spelling and contextual corrections of errors and mistakes in your own language.

Conference Interpretation

The success of any conference involving foreign delegates is to have experienced conference interpreters to assist delegates to voice their deliberations in languages of their choice. Our conference interpreters are keen to assist you in this regard.

Sign Language Interpretation

Sign language interpreters in South Africa are provided to suite your needs. Physically handicapped persons have the right to express themselves and communicate in a language they understand and are comfortable in. We highly treasure and value physically handicapped persons, by providing sign language interpreters to cater for their language needs.

Online/Virtual Conference Interpretation

With high prevalence of Covid-19 pandemic, organizations face a dire need of organizing their meetings and conferences virtually. Through and Zoom, our interpreters are able to carry out interpretation for conferences and meetings for you and wherever you are around the globe. Save money and time, call us now and let us take care of you.


We do oral and written transcription verbatim for Courts, organizations, and individuals. We have a team of experience and professional experts in transcription and we will do all your transcriptions at affordable rates.

Private Language Tutoring

We only teach languages privately and no certification is offered, to Government, individuals, and private entities into Swahili, Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, Chinese, and our teachers are highly qualified to do so.

Extra Lessons for Mathematics, Home Work Assistance, and Other Subjects for Grade 1-12

During Covid-19 pandemic more children find themselves at home with high loads of school assignments which sometimes can not be handled on their own, parents come home exhausted from work and unable to help their children with home work. South African schools are opening on the 1th of June 2020 for grades 7 and 12 learners and parents have the discretion to send or not to send their children to school due to Covid-19 infections. The decision rests solemnly on you, but if you need our assistance with your child’s homework and subjects, we are here for you. Call now and get a free quote.

Conference Interpretation Equipment

The beauty and success of conference organizing is the provision of quality sound equipment for delegates and interpreters, we have a taller made high quality conferencing sound systems.

Meeting Chair/Mediator

The success of a hearing/meeting depends on experienced and professional Chair, Mediator, or Arbitrator. Please call us today and get the best experienced and professional, Mediator, Chair, or Arbitrator for your hearing, meeting, or conference. They are all here at UNI AFRICA TRANSLATIONS HOLDING.

Meeting Minutes Taking

Meetings are an integral part of professional life, this is the reason why it is essential to take minutes of every meeting. Indeed, the role of minutes is very important for participants present and absent during a meeting. Here at “UNI AFRICA TRANSLATIONS HOLDING” we have over 20 minutes taker who are willing to take your meeting minutes at any time. Avoid disappointments and book your minutes taker now.

Conference/Meeting Recording

Deliberations of meetings and conferences are always used for future references by organizations for decision making, but for that to happen organizations need to have their meetings/conferences recorded by a professional and high quality recording equipment. Please call us today and will gladly offer this service to you because our team of technicians are professionally trained to handle this service.

Tourist Guide Services

We guarantee to always look after our clients in a professional and courteous manner, yet showing you a good time in a relaxed friendly environment.

We have it all here in South Africa, a world in one country!

Wide open spaces, vast mountain ranges, Two Oceans, many National Parks filled with fauna & flora, breathtaking wilderness scenery wherever you look, fresh air, world famous vineyards and just a few kilometers offshore lies the great symbol of "the triumph of the human spirit, " Robben Island”.

  • Want to see the most beautiful city in the world, Cape Town?
  • Want to view the giants of the ocean up close and personal?
  • How about standing on the tip of the African continent and watching the mighty Atlantic Ocean mix it up with the Indian Ocean?

  • Tour Types

    Township, Sightseeing, Self drive, Scenic flights, Rail, Nature, Luxury, Historical, Hiking, Golfing, Elephant-back, Cultural, Countryside, City, Camping, Bicycle , Wine, Wildlife, Whale watching, Battlefields, Adventure.

    • Bookings - car hire.
    • Bookings - accommodation.
    • Bookings - activities.

Other Services


Independent quality consultation and legal support for our stakeholders:

  • Embassies.
  • Consulates.
  • Private sector.

Distribution and Supply

Working hand in hand with our stakeholders:

  • Medical sector.
  • Information Technology.
  • Logistics.

Technical Support

Independent quality consultation and legal support for our stakeholders:

  • Capacity Development.
  • Mainly focused on training of local staff on the ground

  • Maintenance.
  • Regular and periodic maintenance of installed equipment

  • Human Resources Management.
  • Constant Training and support of staff in various work related fields

    Company Registration

    In our days more people realize the importance of owning their own company and fulfil their dream of becoming their own boss. At "UNI AFRICA TRANSLATIONS HOLDING”, we do it all for you. Call us today, let us register your company in 1 week and get all your company certificates.

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